26-28 June - Transversal competences in education and training: from discourses to practices


"Publishing in Open Access"

Wednesday, June 26, 14h00-17h00

Alain Pache (HEP Vaud) and Winfried Kronig (Université de Fribourg)

Summary of the theme:
The Open Science movement promotes the transparency and reproducibility of scientific research. In this way, it promotes a new culture that sees scientific knowledge as a common good, open to all, whether researchers, entrepreneurs or citizens.
As for the Open Access movement, it is about making scientific work available to a wider audience. It is based on the Berlin Declaration (2003) and the San Francisco Declaration (2012).
The goal of this pre-conference is to make these different aspects explicit and provide Swiss doctoral students with the necessary tools.

The pre-conference is addressed to:
Ph.D. students from Swiss university institutes.

Event Type :
Two short lectures with Open Access specialists, followed by a small-group workshop for doctoral students to make connections to their practice.

Participation to the pre-conference is free of charge. To register, we kindly invite you to send an email to the following address: anne-sophie.gavin@hepl.ch.

For those who wish to attend other events of the Congress, it is necessary to register and pay the corresponding registration fee. Registration for the Congress will be possible from March 2024. Detailed information on fees and registration procedures is available on the "Registration" page.